About Brendon Sinclair

The Tailored Podcast is written, produced and developed by Brendon Sinclair and the team at Tailored Media.

The Podcast – “Brendon Sinclair’s Business Mix” – features Brendon and guests talking about building a business that works. And here’s a little bit about Brendon to help you decide if he’s full of it or has some useful information to chat about:

    • Brendon is the Executive Director of Tailored Media ad agency and widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading Internet entrepreneurs.
    • He is the author of industry ‘Bible’ ‘The Web Design Business Kit’. This is a book for web developers that sold for $247 US when published in 2003.
    • Brendon wrote the 135,000+ circulation SitePoint Tribune newsletter that touched on web business and marketing.
    • Brendon had a regular radio spot on ABC radio on Wednesday talking all things Internet.

$200,000 In One Hour

  • Brendon owns and manages a web site that once did a staggering $200,000 + in sales in 1 hour (of a $35 product).
  • In July 2004 Brendon built a site from $0 to $20,000 a day in sales.
  • His marketing experience includes public companies, government departments and large and small businesses.
  • He speaks to business and school groups across Queensland and New South Wales.

Brendon also develops a range of his own sites including this South Coast Track web site.

He works on a range of e-commerce websites, including one of Australia’s leading insect and mosquito repellent websites in Good Riddance Insect Repellent. This business is owned by renowned cosmetic chemist Jeannie Lynch and is a natural, DEET free repellent widely used throughout Australia.

Hear Brendon and the Tailored team talk on subjects related to web development, general marketing and much more. Subscribe today – it’s free and it’s fun.

The Tailored team also assist Good Riddance, one of Australia’s leading mosquito and insect repellent products. See their web site here.

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