#34 Brendon Sinclair’s Business Mix – 11 May ’06 – Great PR Tips for Your Business

by Tailored Podcast on May 11, 2006

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Show Notes:

Great PR Tips for Your Business

The much awaited interview with Chelsea McLean is here. The show is a little longer today, because Chelsea had so much great stuff to say, so we thought we’d put it all in there for you.

Chelsea and I talk about why publicity is much more effective than advertising in promoting your business. We talk about effective PR strategies that anyone can use and that won’t cost anything but a little time.

Chelsea’s 3 Top Tips on Getting Quality (& Free!) Publicity

  1. Be prepared. Have a media release on your business ready to send to any media enquiries you receive. Know the answers to any questions you think the journalist may ask.
  2. Just give it a go. You won’t get any publicity if you never try. So get prepared, make some phone calls, send some emails and keep politely in touch with relevant media even if they aren’t interested first time.
  3. Be creative. Keep up with topical events and think of creative ways to tell a story about your business and “piggyback” on current newsworthy items.

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Enjoy the show & stay tuned for Friday’s Interview with successful web development firm owner, Billy Kirkley.

Click here to download and listen to Brendon Sinclair’s Business Mix Show # 34



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