#36 – Brendon Sinclair’s Business Mix – 25 May ’06 – Increasing Sales by 400%?

by Tailored Podcast on May 25, 2006

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Show Notes:

Increasing Sales by 400%?

On today’s podcast, we bring you a case study of a recent client of hours. We share some simple changes that we made to the client’s website, that we expect will dramatically increase his sales.

What We Did

1. Added a statistics package
Statistics on your website are essential. You can never know enough about your visitor numbers and visitor behaviour. A good stats program means you are better equipped to see where any improvements to your site can be made, and recognise the effects of any changes you make to your site. Google Analytics is an excellent free statistics program.

2. Created a Customer Survey.
While a statistics package can tell you how many visitors you have, and what pages they visit, it can tell you how they “feel” about your site and whether they feel comfortable purchasing from your site. A simple, well thought out survey can give your great information on how you can improve your site. The survey software we use is One Minute Poll, which is very easy to use and quite cost effective.

3. Added a Blog
Blogs are great for all kinds of reasons. Two main ones are: They provide an easy way to add regular content to the site and are highly regarded by search engines. We usually use free blogging software such as Blogger or WordPress

4. Simplified the shopping cart process
Once you’ve got someone as far as your shopping cart, you want to make it as simple as possible to buy. Ensure your shopping cart is as secure and user friendly as possible.

5. Simplified the Navigation on the site
You want visitors to spend time learning about your products, not trying to figure out how to find them. Learn to think like your customers, and even get a few to test drive your site for ease of navigation.

So there you have it. 5 simple, easy things to do on your e-commerce site that will help you increase your sales.

Click here to download and listen to Brendon Sinclair’s Business Mix Show # 36



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