Survey Results Are In!

by Tailored Podcast on May 9, 2006

Thanks so much for completing our survey for Tailored We are pleased to announce that the winner of the $50 voucher is Gary M. Congratulations Gary!

We thought you would all like to know the results of our survey, so we have summarized them for you.

How do you listen to the podcast?

  • Via the player on 57.89%
  • I download the show to iTunes/other RSS reader 28.95%
  • I download the show to my iPod/mp3 player 31.58%

How often do you listen to Brendon Sinclair’s Business Mix?

  • Rarely 2.63%
  • Once a month 18.42%
  • Once per week 50.00%
  • Several times a week 31.58%

What do you like best about Brendon Sinclair’s Business Mix?

  • The conversation/dialogue between Brendon and Tina
  • Use of real-life examples
  • The business advice and “how to” tips.
  • Good marketing advice, especially on networking.
  • The new shorter format, 3 times a week.

What do you like least about the show?

  • The opening music and introduction.
  • You want more detail and less chit-chat.
  • The new shorter format, 3 times a week.

Assuming the content remained interesting, how long would you like the podcast?

  • 5 minutes 7.89%
  • 10 minutes 39.47%
  • 15 minutes 31.58%
  • 20 minutes 36.84%

Your Ideas to Improve the Show

  • More real-life examples
  • More detailed How To’s
  • Guest interviews
  • Create a show transcript
  • More detailed marketing advice
  • More website marketing topics

We also got a lot of encouraging comments telling us to keep up the good work. Thanks so much for that, it makes all the hard work worthwhile to know that you are enjoying our shows.

As a result of all your feedback, we are going to do the following:

  • Create a new intro/outro
  • Have guest interviewees on the show occasionally.
  • Include more detailed How To’s in our podcasts.
  • Come up with more real-life examples for you. (We are very careful with the privacy of our clients’, so although we won’t always mention the names of the examples we use, we will try and include other examples of what we are talking about in the show notes so you can have a look.)
  • Come up with more good stories for you.
  • Include some more marketing and website marketing topics.

So stay tuned over the coming weeks for all of this, starting with our upcoming guest interviews. On Wednesday, we interview PR queen Chelsea McLean on how to get great publicity for your small or medium business.

On Friday we interview successful Web Developer and small business owner Billy Kirkley on how he has built a successful web development business.

Cheers eveybody,


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